BASSDRUM Public Meeting vol.1 will be held


Next Monday, February 4, we will hold the first BASSDRUM Public Meeting.

BASSDRUM, a tech director collective that went into full operation in 2018, has been holding regular BASSDRUM Meetings to share their knowledge and experience within the community of tech directors, where they can introduce their latest projects, new technologies they have recently encountered, and what they have been doing in their past projects.


As we have expanded the scale of the meeting each time, we have become more convinced that the useful information developed at the meeting will be useful to a wider range of tech directors and engineers than ever before.


BASSDRUM hopes to share this opportunity with more people in the form of "BASSDRUM Public Meetings" once every six months in the future, and to contribute to raising the standing of the tech director profession.


Although the content of the meeting will be specialized for tech directors, engineers and programmers, we will make every effort to make it accessible to the general public as well.


If you are interested in attending, please register at the event website below.

BASSDRUM public meeting vol.1 website

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