Tech director collective with the drive to realize your boundless ideas

BASSDRUM is a collective of experts with the knowledge and skills to produce.
We “perform” with production companies and sometimes work solo.
As a conductor in the technical field we will realize all your ideas.


As a technology development partner, we work side by side with digital creatives, services and businesses.

  • Technical Direction
    We lead the team in the technical validation and design of digital creativity, as well as building teams, facilitating and producing.

  • New Business Development
    As a technical partner, we collaborate in the prototyping and development of products, services and commercial work.

  • External CTO
    As external chief technical officers we take care of the project's requirements through planning, the company's DX strategy and external vendors.

  • Startup Support
    We provide development direction, team building and technical advisory services for early to mid-stage startups, and work alongside them on a long-term basis until they get listed and beyond.
Please feel free to use the form below to contact us for job requests and media inquiries. Or send us an email at hello@bassdrum.org
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