New BASSDRUM LIVE project launched

APRIL, 2019

BASSDRUM is pleased to announce the launch of a new project: a livestreaming program to answer your questions. We will answer technical questions and questions related to technical directors sent to us, sometimes with guests.


Why are we starting live streaming now?

Livestreaming applications such as Mirrativ and Showroom have become popular, and communication technologies and infrastructure such as WebRTC, QUIC, VP9, etc. are rapidly being developed. As livestreaming attracts more and more attention, we, as tech directors, have decided to challenge ourselves to understand the appeal of livestreaming.

Please feel free to send any questions using the form below.

The first session is scheduled to be streamed after Golden Week.

We look forward to hearing your questions.


You can send us questions such as..

- What is the difference between Java and Javascript?

- What could be the biggest development problem?

- What is your favorite editor?

- I'm having a technical problem with my project, and I need your help!

- Tell us about the technology used in this video that has been getting a lot of buzz lately!


Please feel free to use the form below to contact us for job requests and media inquiries. Or send us an email at
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