Pyramid Film Quadra "Prototype Calendar vol.1” Completed

JUNE, 2019

The "Prototype Calendar," a project by Pyramid Film Quadra, that BASSDRUM has been assisting with in terms of technical expression, completed its first series last Friday. The final installment of this series, which introduces a variety of prototypes, and in which we challenge the use of SMS in a very unusual way and topple dominoes is titled "Streaming Dominoes via SMS".      

This is the last prototype of the first series, but you can always check the archives and documents for the previous two weeks on their website.


This project is targeted at creative directors, producers, and other thinkers and planners. The concept is to make the various technologies of Quadra's prototyping team available to product planners, idea developers, and others. PPT/PDF documents that can be used commercially with a copyright notice will also be made available.

Prototype Calendar website

Please feel free to use the form below to contact us for job requests and media inquiries. Or send us an email at
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