External CTO

JUNE, 2019

The article "Feasibility should be paid for" written by Mitsuyo Demura of Konel triggered a deep discussion within the BASSDRUM community about the nature of the job of an external CTO.

This article is based on a discussion among BASSDRUM members Ryusuke Izumida, Shinya Matsuyama, Saqoosha and Qanta Shimizu about the advantages of having a technical person "inside" the project who can be asked anything at any time, and what they actually do, based on their own experiences.

■ “What is an External CTO?” written by BASSDRUM
■ “Does anyone need External CTO?” written by Shinya Matsuyama
■ “We will start working as an external CTO to change “We want to make this” to “We can make this! written by Ryusuke Izumida

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