"Aozora Technical Terminology" new article published

JULY, 2019

BASSDRUM’s Qanta Shimizu's latest article in the series "Aozora Technical Terms," in which he conveys the "flavor" of technical terms, has been published in the online magazine NEW REEL.


In this issue, Qanta, who aspired to be a surfer when he entered university, talks about his painful experience of being "garbage-collected”. He might not have become a technical director without this incident.


"Aozora Technical Terms" is a series of articles that compresses the role of a technical director, translating ideas and concepts into the language of engineers, and translating and conveying the language of technology for those who do not know the technology. The illustrations are drawn by cartoonist Robin Nishi.


”Aozora Technical Terminology - Garbage Collection” (July 3, 2019)

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