BASSDRUM's special presentation at the Cannes Lions event in Taiwan


Taiwan Creativity Week, the official Cannes Lions event, was held on November 9-11 at the historic Zhongshan Hall Guangfu Cheong in Taipei City. BASSDRUM had the final session to conclude the event, entitled "BASSDRUM Session: Japanese Yabai Technologist meet-up // curated by BASSDRUM", featuring presentations by Yuto Kumon, Ryuki Nagahora, Ryusuke Izumida, and Hiroyuki Hanai (S2 Factory).

This presentation focused on the secret story behind four projects, the People Panic game, the Nissan AR presentation held at the Tokyo Motor Show, the Agri-Tech project to save agriculture, and Fushigina Yado (Strange Inn) newly opened in Kyoto. Over 300 people in the advertising industry in Taiwan attended the session.

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