Ryuki Nagahora took the title at the creative idea championship of dotFes 2019


An annual one-day event "dotFes 2019 Osaka" was held last week, and Ryuki Nagahora participated in the final session "Creative Oogiri (a competition of creative ideas)" with other top talents from the industry.

Ryuki who showed up with his face painted white, tackled the subjects "How can we make society sustainable with Osaka Obachan (Middle aged women in Osaka)?" and "The mayor of Osaka raised Globalized City. What kind of Globalization is that?". He introduced two kinds of interactive prototypes and the audience enjoyed controlling the color of his alien-like face by tapping their smartphones. Ryuki received the most votes and won the title for this year's creative idea champion.

At a talk session titled "A survival story of a digital creator who moved to New York", Qanta Shimizu talked about his determination to move to the US and his struggle when he set up Party New York.

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