Hakuhodo DXD featured on Nikkei


Hakuhodo DXD, the digital transformation project team of Hakuhodo Inc. in which BASSDRUM participates, was featured on Nikkei digital.


As many companies develop new customer touch points, such as IoT services and subscription models, they face the challenge of a communication divide between the people who build the systems and data infrastructure and the people who design and develop the customer experience. As a result, there are a lot of things that are developed correctly from a system perspective but not used by anyone, or developed correctly from a service perspective but not translated into business results.


In response to this challenge, Hakuhodo DXD works with its technical director, who has both systems engineering and creative expertise, to break down the communication divide and create services and experiences that are truly valuable to a company and its customers.

■ Article on Nikkei newspaper website
■ News release on Hakuhodo official website

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