Plateau, a 3DCG model project by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

APRIL, 2021

Plateau, a 3D city model open data project by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, was released last month.

The teaser version of the website, released in December last year, has been transformed into a platform with articles, including interviews with Seiichi Saito of Panoramatics and Kei Wakabayashi of Kurotori-sha, and SAO author Reki Kawahara and Niantic's Masashi Kawashima. Prior to the release of 3D models of 56 cities across Japan, a 3D city model of the 23 wards of Tokyo, which enables simulation and analysis of urban activities, is available for download.

Keita Kuroki and Yoshiaki Kajiyashiki of BASSDRUM worked on this website as technical directors, and Keita worked on the front-end implementation too.

We hope these 3D city models will be helpful for everyone who creates urban games and for other opportunities.   

Creative Director: Seiichi Saito
Art Director(logo, font, viewer): Hiroyasu Kimura
Web Art Direction & Director: Takuya Abe
Designer: Totaro Tanaka
Technical Director: Keita Kuroki, Yoshiaki Kajiyashiki (BASSDRUM)
Front-end Engineer: Keita Kuroki (BASSDRUM)
Concept Film Production: xpd
Use case Film Production: Nikken
Producer: Takuma Shukuin

PLATEAU website

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