NOVENINE SMASH, a smart toothbrush, will be available

MAY, 2021

Lifestyle-related diseases do not occur in a single day, but rather a negative chain of events that are triggered by a variety of diseases like dominoes. Dental caries and periodontal disease are the beginning of the upstream lifestyle-related diseases, and periodontal disease, in particular, has been shown to be related to systemic diseases such as diabetes.

NOVENINE SMASH electric toothbrush, equipped with a high-performance, ultra-compact gas sensor, measures breath odor from exhaled air and determines the condition of the odor of your mouth on a scale of four different colors.
By linking it to an original app, the measured data can be quantified as an "oral score" and users can receive appropriate advice from dentists and dental hygienists based on data from intraoral photographs taken by the camera in the user's own brush.

Our tech directors, Yuma Murakami and Taku Ichihara were involved in the development of the smartphone app. This product is available at the official online store from today, May 31 at noon.

A TV show "TOKIO Terrace" hosted by Taichi Kokubun, introduces the secret story of the development of this product by Akira Takeyama, the representative of NOVENINE and a dentist. Please check out the video streaming site "TVer".

NOVENINE SMASH official online store
TVer official website

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