BASSDRUM 4th anniversary talk "BD Session" with XR SQUAD on April 7th

MARCH, 2022

Now with over 30 technical specialists, we celebrated our fourth anniversary this spring. Since our collective’s founding, dramatic changes have taken place in society, and technology has played an important role.
In these talks, members of BASSDRUM, who have given shape to all kinds of ideas through the power of technology, together with distinguished guests representing the industry, will discuss their manufacturing ideologies and the society of the future.

This event will be directed by XR SQUAD, an XR-specialized team of BASSDRUM.
We look forward to seeing you all online on Thursday, April 7th.

■ BD Session with XR SQUAD
Date: Thursday, April 7 at 19:00-21:00
Speakers: Seiichi Saito (Panoramatics), Yoshiaki Kajiyashiki (BASSDRUM)
Kinya Tagawa (Takram), Qanta Shimizu (BASSDRUM)
MC: Luka (Virtual Human)

Streaming at:
Event details:

■ Session 1 "Manufacturing Mindset"
Speakers: Seiichi Saito (Panoramatics), Yoshiaki Kajiyashiki (BASSDRUM)

■ Session 2 "Future Lifestyle x Technology"
Speakers: Kinya Tagawa (Takram), Qanta Shimizu (BASSDRUM)

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