Tech consultation show "Feasibility #4" to be streamed on Fri. Sep. 16th


Have you ever wondered if your new business’ or new project’s idea is technically possible?

"Feasibility" is an entertaining tech show that welcomes a special guest with Japan's leading tech directors reading the concepts and aims of the guest’s novel ideas and reckless plans and exploring their feasibility by providing advice and suggestions on technical aspects, costs, references and so on.


The show will be streamed the night before "Roppongi Nandemo Day" which will be held on Saturday, September 17th and Sunday, Sep 18th at WHEREVER in Roppongi, Tokyo where we are based. The very special guest for our fourth show will be Saori Kida, Executive Officer of SCRAP Inc. who is also the director of "Real Escape Game" and "Experience the Story Project".


This program will be available for free to watch on YouTube.


■ BASSDRUM’s tech consultation show “Feasibility #4”

Streamed on Friday, September 16th at 18:00

Available on BASSDRUM YouTube channel


Guest: Saori Kida (Executive Officer, SCRAP Inc.)

Tech directors of BASSDRUM: Ryusuke Izumida, Shinya Matsuyama, Yota Odaka, Kyohei Ogawa and Qanta Shimizu

Moderator: Yoshiaki Kajiyashiki

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