All Players Welcome

JUNE, 2022


ALL PLAYERS WELCOME is a project started by Dentsu Lab Tokyo and people with disabilities. For the first phase of the project, three tools that enable live performance using only eye movements were developed, and two artists suffering from Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) gave the world's first live performance using these tools.


The EYE XY PAD, EYE MIDI PAD, and SHOOTING PAD were created through communication between Japan-based ALS artist Masatane Muto and France-based composer PONE.


The EYE XY PAD is a free-view performance device, the EYE MIDI PAD is a device that allows easier track manipulation in real-time, and the SHOOTING PAD is a delay-enabled remote performance device that eliminates the delays that occur when playing live in different locations.


At the "2022 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity" held in France in June, Masatane Muto and PONE were connected remotely, and they performed live in a relay format, making full use of these tools and visual communication.


The major missions of this project were to "solve the delay problem that occurs when performing live at different locations" and "develop a device that performs freely using only eye line input”.


We teamed up with Junichi Akagawa, an audiovisual artist and Ableton certified trainer, and focused on both the "performer's perspective" and the "technical director's perspective in determining technical feasibility”. We worked to resolve the issues through participation in brainstorming for the optimal performance equipment to make the best live show, designing the overall system, and providing technical direction.

We also served as a communication hub for arranging the equipment that would be the soil for the performance, helping to ensure that the event would proceed smoothly under conditions and environments different from those in Japan, such as "language issues," "venues with many restrictions," and "limitation on the amount of equipment to be brought in”.


  • Client: Dentsu Lab Tokyo
  • Tech Directors: Junichi Akagawa(Freelance) / Shunki Hasegawa / Kazunari Takashima / Keita Kuroki / Yuto Kumon
  • Special Thanks: Kyohei Ogawa
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