Asics Experience Tokyo

JULY, 2021


This is a two-month-only hands-on facility where visitors can learn about the current and future technologies of ASICS, who have been supporting athletes through the basic research and technologies they have cultivated since their founding.
At the "PERSONALIZED FUTURE" corner, where you can measure not only the length and width of your foot, but also the width, height of the instep, and slope of the heel, you can simulate how custom-made and sustainable shoes are made from scanned foot data using a 3D printer.


We were in charge of the development of the system to visualize the scanned footprints and the construction of the system to send the images to 18 displays.
With limited resources and design time, we were able to efficiently organize technical and creative requirements and formulate specifications.
The visualizer uses a combination of multiple data sets, including dates, so that different video patterns are displayed each day. We used a real-time engine to build a system that would change the colors and footprints displayed, and designed a robust system that could withstand the two-month exhibition period, including formulating a method for sending images to the display.
We also acted as a hub for communication on the technical side and contributed to the smooth progress of the event, which required close coordination among various teams.


  • Client: ASICS Corporation.
  • Tech Directors: Takuma Nakata / Ryuki Nagahora / Yuto Kumon
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