Disco Dog



The world's first LED vest for dogs. 256 built-in LEDs light up for a safe walk on dark nights.
There are many functions that can be enjoyed by the owner, such as displaying various animations, displaying characters, and changing colors via the smartphone app. In addition, if your dog strays too far and the connection with the smartphone is lost, the message “LOST DOG” will appear automatically.
Disco Dog was successfully crowdfunded through Kickstarter and sold in a limited production. Currently the next version is being developed. So far it has been featured on media around the world, including “Good Morning America”, “Discovery Channel” and “World Business Satellite”.


From hardware design to communication system design with apps, we promptly announced the prototype within a month of planning. After that, a New York-based technical director quickly proceeded the whole process to start crowdfunding at Kickstarter.
At the planning stage of the prototype and main development, we designed the specifications by understanding everything including feasibility and hardware limitations.
After successful crowdfunding, a Tokyo-based factory director, Shota Ishiwatari worked with us to design and develop mass production including handling of factories in China. 


  • Client: PARTY NEW YORK
  • Tech Directors: Qanta Shimizu / Shota Ishiwatari
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