Dokodemo Oikoji Miso



Web AR measures that you can experience on the brand site of Hanamaruki's new product "Oikoji Miso".
You can use your smartphone to simulate how the simple and unique package "Oikoji Miso", which is conscious of the modern lifestyle, blends into various daily scenes and lifestyles.


We designed a Web AR experience based on model-viewer so that we can provide elemental technology in the area where the experience / implementation hurdle of AR is a little high, both easily from the implementation side and the experience side, and on various devices. From the adjustment and setting of the CG model according to the system, to the UX from the product introduction site, we controlled the technical aspects in consideration of the conditions such as budget and server.


  • Client: Hanamaruki Foods inc.
  • Tech Directors: Kyohei Ogawa / Qanta Shimizu / Takuma Nakata
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