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AUGUST, 2020


A gift campaign held at the large commercial facility "NEWoMan YOKOHAMA" that opened in front of JR Yokohama Station in 2020.
A scent that matches "your unknown image" derived from diagnosis using a tablet will be presented.
When you press the button on the tablet, the boxes containing 90 kinds of incense lined up in front of you will start moving all at once, and each time you answer a question, the box that does not correspond will return to its original position. The last remaining incense is the scent that you can meet new.
Taku Ichihara on the tablet side and Yuto Kumon on the box side participated in the production as technical directors and programmers.


We designed / built the system for the entire experience, developed an iPad application operated by the experiencer, and developed software that interactively controls 90 boxes (motors) containing incense.
During the operation period, when operating 9 hours a day for 11 consecutive days, we will carefully direct the development team by setting up a robust system / test period for a long time in advance so that it does not have to be resident at the venue at all times. By doing so, I was able to finish the project without any accidents.
In addition, by creating a simulator in advance for the movement of the box, we tried to embody the image, and by taking the consensus of recognition, we prevented accidents at the site.


  • Client : NEWoMan YOKOHAMA (Lumine Co.,Ltd.)
  • Tech Directors: Yuto Kumon / Taku Ichihara
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