GEMINI Laboratory by TOPPAN INC.



A co-creation project that aims to build services integrating real and virtual environments, utilizing the vast array of building materials data held by Toppan Inc.


We supported the creation of new ideas through methods like ideation, workshops, and prototyping. Working together with Toppan, we have developed two types of concept models.


We conducted research on the vision for the world proposed by Toppan in the co-creation project "GEMINI Laboratory," as well as on the company's existing assets and future services and products derived from the latest technology. These led to the creation of two types of concept model. 


"Haptics Ball" was inspired by the prediction that high-resolution textures will eventually be translated into tactile sensations. This concept model comes equipped with force feedback functionality, enabling it to mimic shape, hardness, and texture through input actions or screen interactions.


The second is a smartphone application that allows users to change wallpaper, utilizing the RoomPlan feature of ARKit — an API for creating 3D models of rooms, which was newly released in its beta version at the time for iOS.


These innovative concept models were later showcased in a related exhibition at Interzum in Cologne, Germany, in May 2023, through collaborations between Toppan and various companies. Interzum is one of the largest trade fairs globally for furniture and interior design materials.


  • Client: GEMINI Laboratory by TOPPAN INC.
  • Producer: Yuto Nara
  • Project Manager: Yuki Narumi
  • Tech Director: Toyoshi Morioka
  • Tech Director for Haptics Ball (Prototype): Jun Ito
  • Engineer for Haptics Ball (Prototype): Takuro Yamakawa(siro)
  • Tech Director for RoomPlan App (Prototype): Shinya Matsuyama(siro)
  • Engineer for RoomPlan App (Prototype): Kazuhide Shibata(siro)
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