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At the Nissan booth during the "Japan Mobility Show 2023," two interactive contents were showcased, introducing the EV concept cars "Nissan Hyper Tourer" and "Nissan Hyper Punk."

In the "Nissan Hyper Tourer Immersive Space," designed to showcase the "Hyper Tourer," LED panels covering the entire floor were used to create an immersive space where the surrounding scenery appeared to blend in seamlessly. This setup allowed visitors to enjoy beautiful visuals expressing the "connections with people" that the "Hyper Tourer" enables.

In the "Nissan Hyper Punk Sensing Space," introduced to feature "Nissan Hyper Punk," the character and music creator/influencer Yuki's DJ booth appears on the screen. As Yuki plays music, the visuals adapt to the movements and the colors of the participants' clothing, creating an intuitive content experience that allows for the enjoyment of "self-expression" made possible by "Hyper Punk."


We took charge of the design, development, on-site construction, and operation of two interactive contents within the Nissan booth: "Nissan Hyper Tourer Immersive Space" and "Nissan Hyper Punk Sensing Space."

This project entailed a holistic approach from visualizing the direction proposed by TBWA\HAKUHODO and the image concept by Creative Studio LIL, to the realization of the content, including selecting the appropriate sensing technology.

For the "Nissan Hyper Tourer Immersive Space," we used 3D LiDAR for spatial sensing. In "Nissan Hyper Punk Sensing Space," Azure Kinect was utilized for body tracking and detecting the colors of the clothes worn by participants. The most suitable technology for each interactive concept was chosen to bring the ideas to life.

On the systems side, we worked closely with the video equipment team led by HIBINO and the construction team led by Nomura Co., Ltd., covering everything from specification formulation to equipment selection and on-site construction seamlessly.

Given the event was anticipated to attract around one million visitors, it was crucial to develop a highly stable system. For this reason, we installed multiple units of 3D LiDAR at a single location, adopting a design that allowed for redundancy, enabling switches from the system at any time. For the Azure Kinects placed at distant locations, we implemented a mechanism for remote power control to establish a reliable system, ensuring preparedness for any unforeseen situations.

On the operational front, to enhance reliability and streamline efforts, we developed a unique system that enabled monitoring of the entire system's operational status.


  • Client: Nissan
  • Tech Producer: Atsuko Okada
  • Tech Directors: Ryusuke Izumida / Ken Murayama / Yuto Kumon / Kazunari Takashima / Mao Komatsu
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