KAMIZU Anywhere AR App



The AR app for "KAMIZU," an art project that depicts God’s Messengers secretly supporting hardworking people, was born from Japanese mythology.

When you point your smartphone's camera at your favorite location, animated KAMIZU characters appear.


We led the planning, design, and technical implementation of the prototype for the Web AR app.

This project brings to life an enchanting experience where characters, inspired by God’s Messengers from Japanese mythology, merge with the real world through the smartphone's camera.

Responding to the operational team's request for a feature that enables everyday sharing of Kamizu' antics on social media, we implemented a user-friendly Web AR technology for capturing images. To leverage our extensive range of characters, we designed a variety of animations and soundscapes tailored to each character.

Our focus was on crafting an immersive and engaging experience that allows the character designs to seamlessly integrate with everyday environments.


  • Client: GRAPH Co. Ltd.
  • Tech Producer: Taeko Kitahara
  • Tech Director: Qanta Shimizu
  • Engineers: Kyohei Ogawa / Yu Ishikawa(Freelance) / Junnosuke Hara(Freelance)
  • Motion Designer: Shinsuke Kitomi(BUTTON. INC)
  • Scriptwriter: Shiori Maki(Freelance)
  • Sound Designer: Plus Signal
  • Music Composer: Saki Hayashi(Freelance)
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