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The top page and the new model page of the LEXUS official website, which were renewed to coincide with the announcement of the new LEXUS SUV "NX", the first full model change in seven years.
This is a brand site that can be browsed smoothly, expressively presenting the world view of the next generation LEXUS.


In order to create detailed expressions and interactions that convey the appeal of the new model and the worldview of the brand, we created production prototypes and directed the implementation while confirming the feel with the design team.
Through numerical analysis, we identified the cause of the site's problematic display speed, which was a major issue at the time of the renewal. We also drafted and directed a development policy for improvement, including renewal of the technology stack, detailed performance tuning, and organization of the existing code base. As a result, we were able to achieve a seamless and effortless user experience with an overwhelmingly fast display speed while using a lot of video and images.


  • Client: I&CO
  • Tech Directors: Taku Ichihara / Yoshiaki Kajiyashiki
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