Nissan AR presentation



AR presentation at Nissan booth for Tokyo Motor Show 2019
In the rapidly evolving automotive industry, Nissan strives with the slogan "Leading to the future with advanced technology." This hi-res AR presentation was held not only to introduce and easily explain their latest concept cars "Nissan Aria Concept" and "Nissan IMk" to the audience at the Tokyo Motor Show but also to give them a feeling of "excitement of the future".
The physical cars slowly rotating on the stage were shot by cameras, synthesized with CG images in real-time and displayed on the giant LED monitor alongside the talk by the presenters.


In general, event projects require the cooperation of all teams involved such as the client, agent, engineers, construction team, equipment team, and video transmission team. In this case, we became a communication hub for everyone on the technical side, and contributed to a smooth production. In addition, we performed overall technical direction such as formulating overall system linkage specifications, selecting and arranging cameras and video transmission equipment, designing and directing software specifications, and selecting and arranging PCs and peripheral devices.


  • Client: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
  • Tech Director: Yuto Kumon / Ken Murayama / Kazunari Takashima
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