Remote Parking Cube

AUGUST, 2021


Installation inspired by Nissan's "ProPilot Remote Parking," an advanced technology that allows drivers to enter and exit a parking space using a key from outside the car.
In this installation, you can move the cube-shaped glowing objects with a remote switch to simulate automatic parking.
It was exhibited in the Global Gallery at Nissan Headquarters for three months starting in August 2021.


Considering the long exhibition period and development budget, the hardware selection and design, system design, and maintenance design were carried out with durability and maintainability in mind.
Based on components and systems that are hard-wearing, we adjusted the plan to match the target expression so that it could be operated with software-based maintenance as much as possible. We provided direction in a wide range of areas, from planning and organizing the technical perspective to fit the requirements to operational planning.      


  • Clients: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. / TBWA HAKUHODO
  • Tech Directors: Ken Murayama / Shota Ishiwatari
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