OCTOBER, 2018/


A new fortune telling service that combines Western astrology and the twelve signs of the Oriental zodiac, which we participated in as a development investment project.
We were responsible for everything from system prototyping to the first launch, using an original algorithm based on a calculation using the user’s birthday to derive their star sign, stem and zodiac animal.
By developing a prototype in a short period, we contributed to launching the service without missing business opportunities.


This service is based on Western astrology and the ten stems and twelve signs of the Oriental zodiac. All of this information is kept on the backend.
The logic of the “day” in fortune-telling can be set by CMS, and the administrator can operate the service around “events” in fortune-telling such as planetary movement. 
Since the generated result appears as an image, it can be spread on social networks by users keeping the style of the service.
The system development itself was completed in about two weeks, and system-driven development was carried out in which adjustments and designs were incorporated while observing the actual moving prototype.


  • Client: SOLARITA
  • Tech Director: Yuma Murakami
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