Studio Ghibli No Anofuku



A collaborative project between Studio Ghibli and a fashion brand “Anofuku (Those clothes)” established by fashion designer Keisuke Kanda and Kunihiko Morinaga. This e-commerce website sells one-of-a-kind items which are vintage / secondhand / original clothes with special embroidery by craftsmen.
We were responsible for designing the user experience, front-end implementation and incorporating the Shopify system which is an EC platform for general purpose use.


We participated in the whole project as a technical partner, from selecting a third-party EC platform and designing UX on the planning stage, to the final stage development.
Also, we designed an additional service “Make Your Own” where you can send your own clothes to get embroidered, and we have been making a continuous commitment to the core part of the project.
As one target is children, interaction such as product animation was devised and the e-commerce site (which usually tend to be static) was made more enjoyable with detailed programming. 
We fully customized the E-commerce platform Shopify’s template by using Shopify’s original format “liquid” and “slate” which is the original development framework for “liquid”. As a result, we managed to build a distinctive UI while keeping the convenience of an E-commerce site.


  • Clients: Anofuku / PARTY NEW YORK
  • Tech Director: Qanta Shimizu
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