Special website by Japanese public broadcaster NHK to raise awareness of breakdancing, otherwise known as breaking, which will be an official sport at the 2024 Paris Olympics.


It launched at the same time as the All Japan Breaking Championships was being held in February 2023. The website offers a variety of information including basic info about breaking, real-time reports of the championship results and content where you can view some breaking skills in AR.


We worked closely with the design team, implementation team, and server-side team, and provided overall technical direction for the website, from specification development to requirements consolidation.


To accurately reproduce the athletes' movements in AR, we adopted "volumetric capture," a technique that captures objects from all angles and converts them into 3D digital data. Moreover, we prioritized user-friendliness during technical direction and development, ensuring all the users can enjoy a seamless AR experience.


  • Client: Japan Broadcasting Corporation
  • Tech Directors: Yoshiaki Kajiyashiki / Ken Murayama / Yuto Kumon
  • Tech Project Manager: Yuki Narumi
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