The Qoly

APRIL, 2022


Fully automated lighting direction system, for the launch of a new brand of dark boxing and fitness studio, "THE QOLY" at their first store opened in Chiba city.


To enhance the immersive experience of exercise, we proposed and designed a lighting system that automatically changes to match the background music to create a better space.

In response to the challenge of using a music playlist that cannot be fixed because it changes frequently in accordance with trends, we developed a system that automatically adjusts its own parameters and controls/directs the lighting to whatever music is played. We sought to achieve a better balance between automatic staging and manual adjustment by incorporating the opinions of on-site trainers who actually use the system. We also worked with external teams such as the sound equipment team and the lighting equipment team, both in terms of systems and personnel, as part of the technical direction.


  • Client: Yu Kogyo Co., Ltd.
  • Brand Direction: UNIEL
  • Space producing: Do it Theater (HATCH inc.)
  • Tech Director: Kousei Ikeda
  • Tech Producer: Yuto Nara
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