A concept movie for the future of "THE IDOLM@STER", a very popular cross-media series that includes home video game software, TV animation and live concerts.
The theme is "A Passage to the Future," and it expresses the hope that we will be able to transcend time, technology, and even physical and dimensional distance.


In order to pursue realism and make a performance as indistinguishable as possible from a real life idol performance we collected information on cutting-edge technologies and live performances from around the world.
As wearable devices, electronic paper and kinetic display technology have now become commonplace, we incorporated 50 examples of XR and AR, as well as technical knowledge that we gained from our regular experience as technical directors, to create a world that is animated but not fake.


  • Clients: Studio Khara / CloverWorks
  • Tech Directors: Takuma Nakata / Kazunari Takashima
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