Yakult USA Touch Video Wall

MARCH, 2021


Introduction video for visitors at the Yakult factory in California.

Through videos displayed on a large monitor, visitors can learn about the journey of probiotics through the stomach and gain a deeper understanding of Yakult.

At its launch, due to the demand for non-contact interactions during the COVID-19 pandemic, it was possible to operate the touch sensor-equipped monitors without direct hand contact, using a Yakult-shaped squeeze toy given out as novelties.

The video is tailored for American teenagers who prefer stylish design, with careful attention to motion, color use, and scene development.


We were responsible for feasibility checks, selection and arrangement of equipment, development and its progression, and onsite setup.

Intense communication between design and implementation was essential, due to the content's critical reliance on operability and motion. However, due to the challenges of direct communication during the pandemic, we advanced the development without sacrificing efficiency remotely, by actively utilizing video conferencing and desktop sharing tools.


  • Client: Yakult USA
  • Agency: Panasonic North America
  • Tech Directors: Ken Murayama / Ryuki Nagahora / Qanta Shimizu
  • Tech Producer: Taeko Kitahara
  • Art Director: Uratani Kazuo(
  • Graphic Designer: Shinsuke Kitomi(
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