An online system that allows users to share their reactions in real time, jointly developed by BASSDRUM and Hakuhodo DXD.
The system was experimentally introduced at Honda Motorcycle Fes 2021, an online event held on February 20, 2021 (sponsored by Honda Motorcycle Japan Co., Ltd.) to promote the appeal of motorcycle life.
In "Bike Sound Beats Live", HIFANA, a world-renowned breakbeat unit, appeared on stage and gave a DJ performance that combined music which sampled motorcycle sounds with video.
With our original “zawa” system, viewers dressed as bikers were able to share their reactions such as clapping their hands or waving their scarves, with other viewers, creating a live performance full of a sense of unity in spite of it being online.
(The zawa service was on the official website for a limited time only and has now concluded.)


We designed a simple data management system without an excessive amount of functions so that viewers can feel each other's presence. We directed the development of the basic structure to create a versatile system that can be expanded to various projects.
From the overall UX design to the optimization of the drawing, we provided technical direction for the entire project, not just the system.


  • Tech Directors: Yuma Murakami / Qanta Shimizu
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