New collaboration to promote the IoT data trading platform PTPF™


On October 26th, 2021, BASSDRUM in collaboration with Plat’Home K.K. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Tomoyasu Suzuki), a developer of Linux servers and IoT gateways, and Ango-ya, LLC, a company specializing in the blockchain business (Head office: Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture; Representative Partner: Yuki Shichiku), started to promote the IoT data trading platform PTPF™ and released its official website.

PTPF™ official website

In the current IoT data distribution market, not only do specifications differ among participants and services, but it is also difficult to add ownership and price information to the IoT data itself. Therefore, it was necessary to store all the data once in the data distribution infrastructure. However, this would pose a challenge with regards to security for the distribution of very broad and confidential IoT data. PTPF™ addresses such issues by using a blockchain-based protocol that allows the addition of information necessary for data distribution to the IoT data itself, thus enabling flexible, scalable and secure IoT data distribution.

By realizing the distribution of IoT data with transaction information, it is envisioned that the data will be utilized in a wide range of fields, including smart cities, mobility, energy and other infrastructure, finance, and real estate, where the use of IoT will rapidly advance.


With the cooperation of companies in a variety of fields, studies and demonstration experiments have already begun, and information on what is possible will be made public in the future.


Starting with the launch of this collaboration and the release of our website, we will continue to build an ecosystem that will promote the development of PTPF™ functions, provide support for businesses entering the data distribution business using PTPF™, and create an environment for developers who create applications and systems using PTPF™.


<About Intellectual Property>

Plat’Home has obtained a patent for a data distribution mechanism that combines data communication channels and blockchain, and uses that technology. PTPF™ is a registered trademark of Plat'Home.


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<About Plat'Home>

Plat'Home is a leading developer and manufacturer of Linux servers and IoT gateways, and has been a pioneer in Linux servers since its founding in 1993, supplying its own computers to the telecommunications and networking industries. The company's flagship product, the ultra-compact Linux microserver OpenBlocks®, has been adopted by major telecommunication companies, as well as in various areas that support Japan's social infrastructure, including logistics, transportation, finance, energy    , and government agencies. In the growing field of IoT (Internet of Things), our IoT gateway based on Linux server is attracting a lot of attention.


<About Ango-ya, LLC>

Ango-ya is a technology organization based in Fukuoka and Tokyo, established to create new economic activities and implement them in society through blockchain technology. We are enthusiastic about the arrival of a "new internet age" with the spread of blockchain technology, and are committed to solving various problems. In order to create a product that takes full advantage of the benefits of blockchain, it is essential to understand the concept and have a broad knowledge of technology selection. We are working to create new value by developing hypotheses and conducting experiments.

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