Okazaki Park Digital Light Up



Okazaki Castle Tower Projection Mapping 2023 was held in Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture, to commemorate the start of the new NHK Taiga historical drama “Dousuru Ieyasu (What to do, Ieyasu)” and the opening of its special exhibition.

In the simultaneous event "Okazaki Park Digital Light Up", we were in charge of lighting up the area around the moat with the support of SPEKTRA, a Kyoto-based ‘experimenters group’ who lent us their equipment.


For this light up, 39 2-meter-long LED bars were installed along a 60-meter walkway surrounding the moat of Okazaki Castle.


We were in charge of spatial design, equipment design and its installation and operation, control system design and development, technical direction and implementation of the linkage with the projection mapping side video and sound system, and lighting direction. The lighting was synchronized with the music of the projection mapping at the same venue to create a visual effect.


We developed a simulator for the installation environment that matched the curve of the moat and directed the content so that it looked beautiful whether viewed standing still or walking along the sidewalk.


  • Client: Hitohata, Inc.
  • Tech director: Kousei Ikeda
  • Associate technical directors: Mao Komatsu / Zhao Zhang
  • Tech producer: Megumi Yoshida
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