AUGUST, 2020


A web browser-based tool that allows children to exercise at home using a PC, tablet or smartphone. By matching their own posture with the markers on the screen, they can exercise through playing games.
Given that children as well as adults have been forced to stay at home due to COVID-19, increasing physical activity among children to prevent the deterioration of basic skills such as muscle strength, endurance, agility and dexterity is an important social issue.
POSE & PLAY aims to contribute to the improvement of children's physical abilities and skills by acquiring physical data in the new normal of the ‘With Corona era’, and by encouraging children to "exercise and study," it aims to draw out new possibilities for them.
This research and development is a joint effort between Keio University's Yuji Ohgi Lab, Hakuhodo's Mirai no Jigyoshitsu (Business Office for the future) , Buttons, Inc. and BASSDRUM.


We designed the user experience based on the objectives of the project and selected the right technology to realize it. We then validated a machine learning-based posture estimation engine that runs in a browser and implemented a hands-on experience prototype to build consensus on the direction the entire project should take. 
In collaboration with the planning team, we supported the planning process with the appropriate incorporation of elemental technologies.


  • Client: POSE&PLAY
  • Tech Producers: Hisayoshi Hayashi / Qanta Shimizu
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