Ritsumeikan Cyber-Campus



An interactive online campus of Ritsumeikan University.
Multiple participants can freely walk around the seven islands created on the online whiteboard "Miro" in real time to learn about the university and its students' activities.
The vast campus is littered with various sources of information about the university using the sticky note function that is synonymous with Miro, making it easy for prospective students to imagine their future campus life.
By simultaneously using video conferencing tools such as Zoom and Google Meet, it is possible to tour the university while talking with your companion.
There is no need for any complicated installation or registration, so anyone can easily participate from a computer or smartphone.


We promoted the use of Miro as a solution to solve issues such as the number of simultaneous connections, the wide scope needed to visualize the campus, and to overcome barriers to participation that various other online events have struggled with.
We conducted a survey on the specifications of Miro as a communication platform and proposed its deployment, and developed an environment optimized for the cyber campus by building our own system through Miro's API, including comment control functions and adjustment of screen display elements.


  • Client: Ritsumeikan University
  • Tech Directors: Kyohei Ogawa / Qanta Shimizu / Yuma Murakami
  • Tech Producer: Taeko Kitahara
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