A system for community development with the aim of supporting the enhancement of local presence.


In recent years, values centered on the well-being of the community and its residents have begun to be demanded in city planning. This system visualizes the richness of the area, rather than comparing it with other cities' superiority or inferiority, and enables an objective understanding and self-awareness of what one's city is aiming for and what its current status is.


Municipalities across Japan are evaluated in 18 areas, including "education," "safety," "community," and "welfare," and data analysis is used to visualize how each area affects "urban function," "resident satisfaction," and "happiness," as well as how investments can be made to achieve a higher rating.


The website introduces this system and its initiatives, using five types of cities as examples.


To achieve the goal of visualizing the potential of a city in an intuitive and easy-to-understand visual format, we conducted repeated studies with Panoramatiks and Flowplateaux, who were in charge of overall information organization and design, and directed the implementation.


We also directed the development policy so that the project would proceed smoothly through the limited production period and last-minute information updates.


  • Client: NTT
  • Tech Director: Yuto Kumon / Keita Kuroki
  • Engineer: Eisuke Namba(YAYA)
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